Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Full Tilt's Charm - Art of the Uneccessary Suck Out

I've been meaning to pull together a couple new posts since I got home from Vegas a week ago. Something about catching up on business and in life always seems to get in the way. Look for a couple new posts soon.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this Full Tilt hand. Are you sick of seeing these every time you play? I know I am.

I was in an $8 + 0.70 two-table Sit-n-go. The top 5 finishers win a $26 token, which I had planned to use in the Ante Up AIPS Main Event this Sunday. I was merely treading water by playing tighter than O.J. Simpson's glove, when I was pushed off a pre-flop raised hand by two opponents with worse hands (of course). I was left with less than 700 chips and blinds were at 120-240.

Under the gun plus one, and I find myself with a middling Ace - which I normally don't like to go broke with, but the blinds would wipe me out in two hands. I pushed all-in, and miraculously no one called.

The very next hand, under the gun, I find myself with Ace-Jack off. Save the AJ salvo, please. 8-handed, with players trying to get into the cash (top 6) or pick up a token (top 5) I shoved my remaining 1230 chips. The average stack was around 2400, and a double up would put me back in a position to get my token. That said, the 360 in blinds would have been just fine.

It folded around to the big blind, who had 9700 chips, the prohibitive favorite, who insta-called with 3-4 off. (You expected a face card?)

The flop came 6, J, 7 rainbow, giving me top pair top kicker and 90%+ equity in the hand.
He had only four 5s in the deck for a gut shot straight.

If you could have paused time for an instant and offered me even money that a 5 would come and eliminate me, I would have bet $1000 right then and there, calling you a sucker for taking the bet all the while... The turn brought the 5c, of course, and I was drawing dead.

Full Tilt.

The Aristocrats!


Yotl Ramirez said...

I feel your pain I have played in several of those token tournaments only to find myself kicking the walls in. I don't know why but the more I play Full Tilt the more I beleive the software is designed to put people on"full tilt". This software is not true to form when it comes to crucial points in any given tournament.

I feel your pain I played in a freeroll and won 2 bucks. I turned that 2 bucks into 265 dollars in less than 2 weeks by employing a Chris Ferguson approach on bankroll management. After a while full tilt just repeatedly started giving me beats like the one you exprienced. My account is sitting at a lonely .30 cents. Disgusting bad beats with aces versus jacks and jacks hitting and kings versus nines and nines hitting.

AllanDuke said...

You played the hand right, you got the action you wanted.

"Thats poker"

Come on man, more posts! Whats this once a month thing?

ChicagoJason said...

You're right Allan... more coming!