Wednesday, September 27, 2006

But of course - Full Tilt is Rigged?

I decided to start playing SnGs on Full Tilt again - and in doing so, promised myself that I would play smart poker. I decided to conserve chips early when the pots are small - small blinds and no antes. When the pots start growing, I'll play a little more aggressively, raising with stronger holdings and seeing a few flops on the cheap when the odds allow it.

So, I sat down to play my first SnG, and patiently waited 25 minutes or so. I played only a couple hands, and those I won on the flop. I only came in from the blinds for free (or virtually free) and middle to late position with big, big hands for a big raise.

I found myself with flopped trips when 5-players limped into the pot, including me, for free, in the big blind. My one remaining opponent on the turn played it cagey, and my rivered full house made me confident.

BOOM! (click to expand image.)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Who Dat J_Chitown?

Not to brag or anything... but I won again. I'm just reporting the facts.

Fact One: There have been two Chicago Poker Club tournaments, and I have won them both.

Fact Two: I'm the greatest.

Please come and put me in my place next Thursday, September 21st. Details here.

Kudos to smokindog and cosimicp2002 who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Special thanks to ChicagoJoe who set up the tournament series, and was a victim of a bad, bad out-flop by yours truly.

Current Tournament Series standings can be found here.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tournament #2 Tonight - Chicago Poker Club Tournament Series

REMINDER: The second event of the Chicago Poker Club Tournament Series is tonight. The $5 + $0.50 No Limit Hold 'em event is Sunday, September 10, 2006 at 5pm on Full Tilt Poker.

Sign up for a Full Tilt account through Chicago Poker Club and receive a 100% bonus up to $600! Click on the link here, or mention Bonus Code CHICAGOJASON when signing up. Full Tilt is available in full client on a PC or Mac.

Look for the only private tournament at 18:00, and the password is "cubs".

The Tournament Series Calendar is here.

Now that's a bad streak...

I hate to do this. I do. We always complain about bad beats, bad streaks, bad luck. Who wants to hear it? Not you. Keep reading anyhoo.

My last four sessions have ended with bad, bad beats in the following four manners:

  • Eliminated from a tournament after getting all the money in on the turn and losing to a 3 outter on the river.

  • Eliminated from a tournament after getting all my money in on the turn and losing to a two-outter on the river.

  • Losing a $500 cash game pot after getting all my money in on the flop and losing to a two-outter on the turn.

  • Eliminated from a tournament after getting all my money (huuge pot) in pre-flop with pocket aces against pocket Jacks. A third player folded A-J preflop. My opponent hits his ONE OUTTER on the flop. Actually, I didn't get eliminated on that hand, as I was the chip leader with 8 players remaining. The next hand I flopped aces and my opponent flopped the nuts with a K-J on a board of A-Q-T.

Those were my last four sessions. Brutal.

How about you?