Monday, May 22, 2006

International Opportunties

I'm going to see how the Europeans play. Yep, it should be pretty quiet on this page for a bit - I'm off to Western Europe for two weeks, without my laptop, and it's unlikely I'll spend much time in front of a keyboard.

We're going to Barcelona, Spain; Cannes, Aix en Provence, Marseille, and Nice, France; Monte Carlo, Monaco; and a Mediterranean cruise, with ports of call in Italy. I will likely get a little poker in, but you'll have to wait until the second week of June to hear about it.

Check back soon!

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Inaugural Chicago Poker Open

Come and play tournament poker against celebrities and help raise money for a great cause! The Chicago Poker Open will benefit over 3,000 kids at 3 Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago Locations: General Wood, Little Village, and Kanoon. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES STILL EXIST!
What It Is: Two (2) Multi-Table No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Tournaments - one for card sharks and one for novices. 300 Total Seats Available. Knock out the Celebrity Players and win a Bounty!!! Proceeds benefit the Chicago Boys & Girls Clubs.

When It Is: Friday, June 23, 2006 - Doors open at 6:00; First Hand Dealt at 6:30 PM

Where It Is: Hard Rock Hotel 230 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois



$250 Card Shark Tournament

  • 100 Total Seats
  • Unlimited re-buys and one add on after the first hour for $125 each
  • Prizes awarded to top 3 places (prizes subject to change & availability)
    • First Place – $5,000 Pre-paid debit card
    • Second Place – 5 Night All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation for Two at the Sunset Waters Resort in Curacao. (Airfare not included)
    • Third Place – Premium Chicago Sports Package

$100 Novice Tournament
  • 200 Total Seats
  • Unlimited re-buys and one add on after the first hour for $50 each
  • Prizes awarded to top 5 places (prizes subject to change & availability)
    • First Place - $2,000 Pre-Paid debit card
    • Second Place – Premium Chicago Sports Package


Monday, May 01, 2006

Sickening Beats, Cosmic Justice

I played at MJII on two Sundays ago, or at least, I participated in a live NL Hold 'em game at MJII. Over the course of 40 minutes, I saw some of the sickest beats I have ever seen. And most of them, nay, all of them, happened to me.

I got Aces, Queens, and Kings, twice. In 40 minutes. I won with the Kings once for a small pot, and lost with everything else. I didn't misplay them, I actually got my money in with the best hand, by a lot, each time. And each time I got sucked out on. Queens went all-in pre-flop and lost to KT suited when a King hit on the river. Aces played against KQ and lost to two pair, and so on... I dropped two buy-ins in 40 minutes. Ouch.

Then, I was in Las Vegas this past weekend. One night at the Mirage I got sucked out on with Aces, after being way ahead when the money went in. The very next hand, I had Kings on the button. The player to my right, of course, had Aces. I went broke. I was actually happy to see the best hand hold up for once, even though it kicked my ass. I dropped two more buy-ins in about 90 minutes after four or five major suck outs. Double ouch.

That's the way it goes sometimes... I had to keep convincing myself. I worked the rest of the weekend just to get close to even. I've been playing as good a poker as I know how. I've been getting my money in with the best hand, playing solid hands, forgoing almost all unecessary risks, grinding it out.

Saturday night at Caesar's Palace I made a couple great laydowns (if I may say so). I laid down Aces up to quads. I laid down the nut flush to a full house (and he was kind enough to show me).

Sunday I played even better poker at Binion's. I laid down a full house to a bigger full house. I was almost sure my opponent had two pair, Kings and Queens, I had made two pair on the flop, and treys full of kings on the turn. I made a nice sized bet on the turn, and my opponent called me confidently. I had him right where I wanted him... The turn brought a second Queen, and I hoped my suspicions were wrong. I bet about half of the pot to test my thoery, and my opponent raised me 2 1/2 times my bet. I mucked my K-3 face up. My opponent's jaw dropped as he raked in the pot. That was extremely irritating, and yet felt so good to have been able to get away. When I left the table a modest winner, four or five people commended me on my game.

"Great poker."

"You're so hard to read!"

I played No Limit Hold'em at Binion's Horseshoe and garnered praise!! Wow. Wow. I was riding high the rest of the day.

After a six-hour profitable session at MGM, I had to head for the airport. I played the best poker of my life last weekend, and still left a small piece of change behind. And you know what? It still felt good.